When classics go crazy

You’re there to see a classical concert. And then this happens:

Now this is what I call a good way of trying to revive concert going traffic 🙂

Some background on the campaign

The Transylvania Philharmonic – When Classics go Crazy

A non-conformist percussion player, an orchestra that happily goes along and a conductor who gives up trying to get them back on track. This was the highlight of a surprising evening that turned the usual into the extraordinary and proved that a philharmonic with personality can actually enact the “classic” of classical music.

Video: Matei Pleșa, Aris Ciurdar, Anda Teglaș and Kötő Zsolt, Filep Farkas, Lepedus Péter, László Lóránd, Péter Anna.

The agency that handled this campaign, Heraldist, sent me these extra details:

When you say you’re going to the philharmonic, they’ll think you’re going to listen music that was made 5 centuries ago. And sometimes it’s exactly that.

But you will soon realize that not all philharmonics are created equal and this particular philharmonic plays movie soundtracks and works with Deep Purple and they play world music and Argentinian tango and they do all kind of crazy things. And then you understand that it’s much more than you think.

We want people to know that Transylvania Philharmonic is different.

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