You’re there to see a classical concert. And then this happens: Now this is what I call a good way of trying to revive concert going traffic 🙂 Some background on the campaign The Transylvania Philharmonic – When Classics go Crazy A non-conformist percussion player, an orchestra that happily goes along and a conductor who […]

how to create viral social media content

Many people think that you need a super huge budget or some great agency behind you in order to push out viral social media content. This is not true. At all. It may happen that some big campaigns were funded by big budgets, but that is not entirely the secret of their success. If you […]

Sucuri Team at #WCUS 2016

Staring with the empty digital page of this first article on this blog, I can remember the talk Chris Lema gave at #WCUS 2016 just two days ago. I was front row seat, streamed the whole deal on Facebook and at the same time was thinking about why don’t I start blogging in English, for […]